About Us

Commitment to excellence in customer service and the will to grow are ingrained in the DNA of Grupo Dimed’s business operations. These characteristics are a legacy of its founders and an ongoing feature of its operations year after year. That’s why the company is continually reinventing itself. Since its institutionalization in 2014, Grupo Dimed officially consists of three companies: Panvel, with more than 370 outlets selling over 15,000 items including medication, personal hygiene and beauty products; Dimed, one of the country‘s main medication distributors and a pioneer in its segment; and Lifar, the division that develops and manufactures cosmetics, medication and foodstuffs and which, in addition to being responsible for making products for major brands in Brazil and abroad, also manufacture Panvel’s own brand product line.

These three businesses reflect the Group’s tireless pursuit of quality, focus on operational efficiency and creative efforts to consistently ensure the emergence of new products and ideas. Along with the support of staff who love what they do, this set of attributes clearly showcases the group‘s true passion: taking care of you.