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Group Structure

Grupo Dimed includes the Panvel pharmacy chain, Dimed medication distributors and the Lifar pharmaceutical laboratory.

In April 2014, the Group launched one of its boldest projects yet, its new headquarters in Eldorado do Sul along the BR-290 federal highway, an important link between Porto Alegre and the rest of Rio Grande do Sul state. Every detail of the venture is sustainable and features Brazil’s most modern distribution center, with cutting edge technology and completely revamped organizational structure. The DC covers an area of 17,000 m2 and invested heavily in Knapp equipment imported from Austria, considered some of the best in the world. The center also has 5,000 separations channels, 21 docks, cold storage and a fully automated line; in other words, absolutely no paper is used in the process. The administrative building also features an innovative and sustainable design, with natural lighting and automated air-conditioning. Its internal areas also have fewer walls, facilitating circulation and communication. The support area beside the administrative building also houses a restaurant and leisure area. The two structures, along with the parking lot, occupy an area of almost 10,000 square meters. Its innovation at the service of quality, reliability and productivity.

Grupo Dimed’s new home represents a significant step in the future of its business. A long-term investment that ensures safe growth for years to come, aimed at delivering well-being in all its services with agility and quality.

Structure of PANVEL

With more than 370 outlets distributed across the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná, Panvel’s stores fall into different categories: Express stores are small and easily accessible, focusing wholly on convenience and agility; Promotional outlets cater to purchases for emergencies and special occasions, with a focus on cost-effectiveness; Wellness and Beauty branches offer consultancy services that prioritize quality in the purchasing experience; and the Flagship format, which are concept stores specializing in wellness and beauty and carrying the best national and international brands.

The pharmacy chain in southern Brazil also offers multichannel sales services: by phone through the "Hello Panvel" service (call center with more than 200 employees, including a customer services department); and via the online store panvel.com, which caters to the entire country. With a history spanning 40 years, Panvel sells more than 15,000 different items in its pharmacies, including medication, and national and international personal hygiene and beauty products.

PANVEL Website

Structure of DIMED

Dimed‘s operational excellence is based on its structure. Through continuous investments, Dimed ensures availability, frequency and precision in customer services. The company proudly provides its clients with resources that make it a leader in its sector:

  • Four distribution centers in the states of Rio Grande do Sul (RS), Santa Catarina (SC) and Paraná (PR)
  • Distribution center in Eldorado do Sul with the latest Knapp brand equipment;
  • 800 employees;
  • 240 vehicles;
  • Daily deliveries;
  • Computerized processes (ensuring integration between customers and their specific demands);
  • 7,000 clients in southern Brazil.

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Avenida Belgraff, 865 - Distrito Industrial

Eldorado do Sul - Rio Grande do Sul

Cep: 92990-000

Fone: 51 34819500

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Rua Guaporé nº 324

Passo Fundo - Rio Grande do Sul

Cep: 99040-470

Fone: 54 33164600/54 33114015

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Structure of LIFAR

The Lifar Industrial Pharmaceutical Laboratory has three production structures: medicine, foodstuffs and cosmetics. The medications factory produces Purulim, Timeolate and Pio-Secto, among others. The food division manufactures teas and Sanitas supplements, as well as products for other brands. The cosmetics manufacturing plant produces antiseptic gels, lotions and other Lifar products, as well as a substantial portion of Panvel’s own brand products.

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Rua Frederico Mentz, 1115

Porto Alegre - Rio Grande do Sul

Cep: 90240-110

Fone: 51 33264700

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