Over its more than 40-year history, the company has become synonymous with wellness and beauty, where customers find not only a pharmacy selling medication, but a wide portfolio of personal hygiene and beauty products sold in specially designed settings with quality customer service.

A pioneer in creating an own brand in the pharmaceutical sector, the Group launched the Panvel brand in 1989. The success of the product line confirms Panvel’s quality image among its customers. Today, Panvel’s own brand accounts for a large part of the chain’s hygiene and beauty product sales, with more than 500 products in various categories, including makeup, sun protection, orthopedic and children’s products, as well as men’s personal care items. In addition to quality at affordable prices, another unique contributor to the brand’s success is its attention to detail in the design of each product and pursuit of continuous innovation, catering to specific audiences. Panvel has a department dedicated exclusively to researching beauty trends. The development of each product line requires complete strategic involvement to achieve a truly satisfactory final result that epitomizes well-being.

To further strengthen relationships with customers, the chain has run a Loyalty Program since 2006, with more than 4 million participants. The initiative allows customers to accumulate points that can be converted into personal hygiene and beauty products, as well as exclusive discounts.


With a strong expansion project and constant growth, the chain has more than 5,000 employees and more than 370 stores across cities in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina, Paraná and São Paulo. Its outlets can be divided into different categories: Express stores are small and easily accessible, situated in universities, at gas stations and hospitals; Promotional outlets focus on cost-effectiveness and can be found at strategic locations in urban centers; Wellness and Beauty branches prioritize quality in the purchasing experience; and Flagship concept stores specialize in wellness and beauty, carrying the best national and international brands.

What‘s more, Panvel also has its own call center (customer services and the "Hello Panvel" delivery service), which covers southern Brazil, and caters to the entire country through its online store Panvel sells more than 15,000 different items, including medication, and national and international personal hygiene and beauty products, securing its status as a multichannel retailer.