One of Brazil‘s foremost medication distributors

Dimed was created on September 21, 1967, when two of Rio Grande do Sul’s largest pharmacy chains, Panitz and Velgos, embarked on a joint venture, founding a central purchasing and logistics organization to supply both chains as well as other clients in the region. It is currently one of Brazil’s main medication distributors, catering to three states in the south of the country.

DIMED Website

Dimed‘s operational excellence is based on its structure. Through continuous investments, Dimed ensures availability, frequency and precision in customer services. The company proudly provides its clients with resources that make it a leader in its sector:

  • Two distribution centers in the states of Rio Grande do Sul (RS).
  • Distribution center in Eldorado do Sul with the latest Knapp brand equipment;
  • 240 vehicles;
  • Daily deliveries;
  • Computerized processes (ensuring integration between customers and their specific demands);
  • 7,000 clients in southern Brazil.