• 2020

On July 22, 2020, the Dimed Group successfully completed a Re-IPO operation amounting to more than R$ 1 billion. Forty-six percent of this total was a primary offering. The proceeds were earmarked for expansion of the Company and additional investments in information technology and logistics infrastructure.

  • 2019

In September 2019, we launched Bem Panvel, a consumer relationship program offering special prices and discounts for drugs and hygiene & beauty products. The special feature of the scheme is that purchasers can benefit immediately, simply by giving their individual taxpayer’s register (CPF) number.

  • 2018

Panvel is the first drugstore chain in the southern region of Brazil to be authorized to vaccinate people in its stores. Panvel established itself as a permanent player in this market by providing influenza shots.

  • 2017

Dimed Group 50 years anniversary.

  • 2016

Launch of the Panvel smartphone app. The app is available for iOS and Android, and provides a number of functions: in addition to online purchases, users can create a shopping list, check availability of stocks at the nearest stores, schedule reminders for taking drugs and much more.

  • 2015

2015 was a year when Panvel invested heavily in its expansion project, inaugurating or reinaugurating 34 stores in the southern region. Another important event was the launch of the Panvel app, which provides time-saving shopping solutions and at the same time offers functions to make consumers’ lives easier, such as a tool to remind them when it’s time to take their pills.

  • 2014

The Dimed Group – consisting of Panvel, Dimed and Lifar – is formally incorporated and its visual identity designed. In the same year the group headquarters was opened, containing a new Distribution Center and an Administrative Area.

  • 2013

Panvel celebrates its 40th anniversary.

  • 2012

Lifar initiates a cycle of investments and refurbishments to its physical structure.

  • 2010

Panvel reaches a total of 280 branches and opens its first three stores in Paraná State.

  • 2009

Lifar commemorates 40 years of operation and reformulates its visual identity.

  • 2008

In Porto Alegre we open the Panvel 24 de Outubro Megastore, a concept store specializing in wellbeing and beauty; and Panvel Bem-Estar, the first specialist drugstore for diabetics, orthopedics and fitness products. In the same year we created our loyalty program with exclusive discounts and a point exchange system.

  • 2006

In September, Panvel took the lead as the first company to issue an electronic tax invoice in Brazil.

  • 2005/2006

Inauguration of the Lifar cosmetics production structure.

  • 2004

Lifar awarded the Good Practices Certificate. This certificate is awarded by ANVISA in recognition of the fact that Lifar applies the measures that manufacturers should observe in order to guarantee sanitary quality and compliance of their products with technical regulations.

  • 2002

Launch of Timeolate, one of the key drugs manufactured by Lifar.

  • 2001

In June we implemented the first electronic order system for wholesale purchasers, E-Dimed. At the time this was a major innovation.

  • 1998

Panvel inaugurates its online store (www.panvel.com) and starts selling drugs and hygiene & beauty products on the internet, offering customers an additional sales channel.

  • 1994

The Alô Panvel phone delivery service starts operating.

  • 1991

Laboratório LIFAR moves its headquarters in Porto Alegre from the Passo da Areia district to the Navegantes district.

  • 1983

The group consolidates its position in wholesaling as well as retailing, increasing its business with laboratories.
Panvel Farmácias reaches a total of 72 stores.

  • 1980

April 1: opening of the Dimed Distribution Center in Santa Catarina.

  • 1977

Panvel expands its retailing network after learning from surveys that customers choose drugstores mainly for their convenient location.

  • 1973

Shareholders of the Panitz and Velgos chains incorporate Panvel Farmácias.

  • 1969

Panitz, owner of Laboratório Lifar, and Velgos, owner of Laboratório Sanitas, combine to set up Laboratório Lifar.

  • 1967

The two major drugstore chains of Rio Grande do Sul State, Panitz and Velgos, create a central drug purchasing vehicle, Dimed Distribuidora de Medicamentos Ltda.